Red Dot Stores in South Carolina

According to Joan Perry’s blog, the red dot sign is believed to have its origin in the South Carolina Constitution of 1895, which prohibited alcohol sales between sundown and sun-up. The red ball designates the sun and identifies the store as one that sells alcohol.  “The State ” newspaper in Columbia, SC, dated October 3, 1984, gave the following theory:
“In the 1940s, the state was forcing liquor stores to shrink their signs dramatically, so as not to advertise alcohol too blatantly. Stores were allowed to use lettering only a few inches high on doors or windows. A Charleston liquor store ‘highlighted’ the tiny lettering with a dramatic red dot, and everyone else followed suit.”

Please visit my Red Dot Stores gallery to see a rich variety of red dot stores in South Carolina.

Dewees Island Arts Council Fundraiser

I am honored to be participating in a fundraiser for the Dewees Island Conservancy in South Carolina, a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping nature thrive and a partner in the Lowcountry NAWCA Partnership migratory shorebird habitat enhancement initiative.  At invitation from the Dewees Island Arts Council, I joined 9 fellow photographers in January and February, 2015, in an effort to capture the true nature of the highly imperiled migratory shorebirds who depend upon Dewees Island to forage, rest, and winter.  These species could become extinct in our lifetime.  Selected original photographs of these shorebirds were donated to the Dewees Island Arts Council for auction this month. The auction will benefit the 250-acre shorebird habitat enhancement within Lake Timicau on Dewees Island, SC, near Charleston. Charleston’s Post & Courier calls the project the “bellwether project” for shorebirds.  The design, survey, and engineering are scheduled to begin this fall.   It will benefit the rapidly declining shorebird species that utilize the Atlantic Flyway.


Quote from the Dewees Island Conservancy communiqué:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


Please check out some of my photos in the auction: